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I was in my first semester of student teaching. I was called Miss Vue, so that's where "missvue" came from. Since it was 2009 when my friend told me to create a live journal account, I decided to add the "09" to my username. Now that I think about it, I should have just stuck with missvue. I mean, what are the odds of that username being taken? Not to mention, I dislike having numbers in my usernames. Oh, well. Too late now. That's why I'm "missvue09".

I wrote several entries at the beginning, but when summer rolled around, I stopped writing, b/c I didn't have a laptop and if I did, then the internet was slow. Plus, there was nothing really worth writing about over the summer. I didn't get back into lj till I discovered [livejournal.com profile] yoosu_yongwonhi and began commenting after each fanfic I've read. Now I wanna change my lj username to my winglin username, miss_yoosu, but it frickin' costs money to have a username change. Can you believe that?!

Yes, I know I can always create another lj account with miss_yoosu as my username (in fact, I've already did! So I can reserve the name), but then that means re-adding all of my lj friends and writers not recognizing me as missvue09 anymore. So that's why I'm still missvue09.
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