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Title: Dear John Letter
Author: missvue09
Length: one shot (1500)
Pairing: Yoosu
Genre: comedy, fluff
Rating: G
Summary: A misunderstanding causes Yoosu to think that they're no longer a couple.

A/N: Let's pretend this is the 90's when cell phones weren't popular yet and DVD players were just barely coming out.

Thunder roared while lightning strike outside in the night sky as a man in a raincoat entered his house.  The lights were all off, which he found to be odd since his wife should be home. He found the light switch and flipped it on, illuminating the living room.  He spotted a piece of paper fluttering on the top of coffee table.  He walked over to it, picked it up, and read its contents:

Dear Usami,

I can’t take this anymore.  I’m leaving you. 


The man lowered his head, his tears flowing down his cheeks.  His wife had finally given up on them and left him like he had feared.  He sobbed quietly on the sofa as the words ‘The End’ came onto the movie screen. 

Meanwhile, sitting in the audience was Yoochun with his boyfriend Junsu and a few other viewers.  Yoochun watched unaffected by the sad ending while the latter wiped his tears away before they could have a chance to touch his soft cheeks.  Then he sniffled.


“So why is the short film called ‘The Dear John Letter’ if the man’s name was Usami?” Junsu asked his knowledgeable boyfriend on their way out of the movie theater. 

Yoochun, with his arm was around Junsu's waist, explained, “Because when you break up with somebody by writing a letter instead of doing it in person, the letter is called a Dear John letter.”


Yoochun grinned.  Junsu could be so cute sometimes, he thought.


A few weeks later, Junsu and Yoochun had a movie night planned at Junsu’s apartment.  After his class, Junsu had run to the store to buy some popcorn.  Meanwhile, Yoochun was at Junsu’s apartment preparing for their movie night.  He put the videocassette in the VHS player.  After several seconds, it failed to play the movie. 

Junsu’s roommate happened to pass by the living room. 

“Hey, Changmin-ah.  Is something wrong with the VCR?” 

“Hmm?  Oh, yeah.  It’s broken,” the younger replied as a matter-of-factly before continuing on his way to his bedroom.

Yoochun could only shake his head.  He found a blank piece of paper and left a note for Junsu. 

Fifteen minutes later, Junsu entered his apartment with a box of popcorn bags.  He didn’t see Yoochun in the living room so he assumed that his boyfriend was in his bedroom. 

“Chunnie, I’m here,” he called.  “Is everything ready for movie night?”

When he received no answer, he frowned and went into his room but Yoochun wasn’t there.  He walked back out to the living room and that was when he saw a note taped to the television set.  Junsu held his breath. 

It can’t be…

When he reached the television set, he pulled the note away from the tv and read it. 

Dear Junsu,

This isn’t working.  I’m leaving.


It was exactly what he feared it was.  A real Dear John letter.  From Yoochun.  A tear escaped his eye.  Then he started bawling.  “Why?” he asked aloud as he ran to this room and cried some more.  Why would Yoochun break up with him so suddenly?  Did he do something wrong?

After an hour, he got up and packed some of his clothes.  He had to go away for a while, go some place where he won’t be reminded of Yoochun.  It was the only way he could get over him and move on.  He sniffled as he wrote a note to his roommate. 

A teardrop fell right on the name, causing a slight smudge, but Junsu didn’t care.  He taped the note to the door of his bedroom, which was across Changmin’s, so he would be able to see it when he comes out of his bedroom. 


An hour after Junsu left his apartment, Yoochun returned with a brand new VCR.  This one also included a DVD player.  He couldn’t wait to see the look on Junsu’s face. 

Changmin let him in and told him that there was a note from Junsu for him taped on Junsu’s bedroom door.  He received a pat on the shoulder from the younger college student, followed by a “I’m sorry, hyung.” 

Yoochun could only furrow his brows, wondering what he meant by that apology.  He walked towards his boyfriend’s bedroom.  He was horrified when he read the letter. 

Dear Chunnie,

I’m leaving. Please don’t call me.


He couldn't believe it.  It was a Dear John letter.

“Junsu…broke up with me,” Yoochun said in disbelief. 


“And where are you going?” Yunho asked his roommate when he saw Yoochun with packed bags and holding a piece of paper. 

Yoochun reread the letter in his hand. 

I’m leaving.  Please don’t call me.

He had respected Junsu’s wish and had not called him although it was killing him.  He tried to forget Junsu, but he couldn’t do it.  He missed that little ray of sunshine by his side.  He walked up to his good friend and handed the letter to Yunho. 

“Back to America.  There’s nothing left for me here anymore.” 

He walked past Yunho and then out the front door. 


After a few days without Yoochun by his side, Junsu realized that he couldn't live without him.  He decided that he needed to fight for their relationship.  He loves Yoochun, damn it, and he was not going to accept this break up without a fight.  He ran all the way to Yoochun’s apartment and banged on the door, calling out his name.

Yunho opened the door and Junsu asked where Yoochun was. 

“He found your Dear John letter and was devastated.  He left earlier this morning for the airport.”

Yunho handed him the letter. 

“My Dear John letter?  I didn’t write him a...” Junsu stopped mid-sentence when he realized the letter was addressed to Chunnie instead of Minnie.

“No, it was supposed to say Minnie,” he explained.  “I was crying the whole time I wrote this, so my tears must have caused the ink to smudge.”  Then he gasped.  “Where did you say Yoochun was?” 

“He’s at the airport waiting to fly back to America.” 

“Oh, no!”  Junsu exclaimed as he ran out the apartment.  “Taxi!” he called by the side of the road. 


Yoochun decided to take a few shots of vodka at the airport bar before boarding his flight.  It was going to be hard to forget Kim Junsu but he was going to try.


He cursed at the shot glass, for the vodka was no help at all.  Even now, he can still hear Junsu’s sweet voice calling his name.


Said man paused to listen more closely.


“Junsu?” He turned around and saw Junsu running and calling out his name all over the airport.  He stood up and ran out of the bar. 

“Junsu?” he called, catching the other’s attention.  Junsu let out a sigh of relief.

"Yoochun!" he exclaimed as he ran to Yoochun and embraced him. 

Yoochun was happy to see him that he hugged him back, but he was confused about one thing.  He broke the hug and asked, “Wait.  What are you doing here?  You broke up with me.”

“That letter wasn’t meant for you.  It was for Minnie.  The ink got smudged and made it look like it was addressed to you.” 

“Ohh…”  Boy, did he feel dumb.  Then he felt Junsu hold his hands.  He met the younger's pleading eyes.

“Please don’t leave me, Yoochun.  I don’t care about your Dear John letter.  I love you, and I’ll do anything to be with you again.  Just tell me what I need to do.  Just…please don’t leave me.”

Yoochun furrowed his brows at Junsu.  “What are you talking about?  My Dear John letter?”

“The one you left on my TV.”

“Oh…” Yoochun recalled and couldn't help but laugh at their situation.  “Silly you.  I was talking about the VCR.  It wasn’t working and so I took it down to the store to get it repaired.  The wait took too long and so I ended up just buying a new one for you.  By the time I returned, you were already gone.”

“You mean…you didn’t really break up with me?” Junsu asked, his eyes full of hope.

Yoochun leaned forward and placed his lips on the younger's lips.

“Does that answer your question?” he asked after they parted. 

“Oh, Chunnie!” Junsu exclaimed as he embraced his boyfriend once again.  “I love you so much.”

“I love you, too,” he grinned happily as he hugged his boyfriend back.

A/N: I was watching an episode of The Looney Tunes Show where a similar situation occurred with Bugs Bunny and Lola Bunny. I thought it was very funny and cute and so I just had to write a Yoosu version. Not one of my best work but I hope you all enjoyed reading, including you silent readers. Yes. I know you're there. XD
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