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Day 4
The Mirage hotel and
Madame Tussaud's celebrity wax figures.

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Day 3
Hoover Dam
The Strastosphere

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Day 2
China Town,
World's Largest Gift Shop,
Phantom of the Opera,
Treasure Island play,
Ceasar's Palace, and
the Bellagio fountain dance

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Day 1
The drive there,
hotel (Circus Circus),
the Venetian,
Mandalay Bay and their Shark Reef Aquarium.

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I thought I could just drag the photos from my sister and sister-in-law's facebook, but I forgot that we all haven't had any access to the internet since we've returned from Las Vegas. I was only able to grab the ones my sister-in-law posted via mobile phone. The rest of the photos are at home with my sister and sister-in-law. Will post those later.

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I'm baaaaaack everybody!!!!!

Vegas was okay. I enjoyed the Phantom of the Opera, the Shark Reef aquarium,
Forgot to upload pictures onto my lap top. Will do that later.
I got sick on the last day there. Boo. Got a cold, sore throat, and runny nose.
Feelin' better today. Yay!

Some bad news:
My mom's house does not have internet anymore. T__T
That's why you haven't heard from me in a week.
I'm back at my apartment for a week, so I'll be online for this week, catching up on fic updates.
Then I will have to return to my mom's house and try to survive without the internet.
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Just in case my internet decides not to work tomorrow, I wanted to post that I will be taking a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. early Friday morning and won't be back till Monday. It'll be my first time there. My brother, his wife, and my younger sister will be going. It's my sister-in-law's birthday on Monday the 20th and so that's why she wanted to go to Las Vegas. She's been there before, twice I think.

I might take my lap top with me so that I can beta
[livejournal.com profile] lialuvchun 's You are my BoyBestfriend on the drive there. Not sure if the hotel will charge us for using the internet. But if they do, then I won't be on lj during my stay in Vegas. :(

Question for my non-American lj friends:
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