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Loving You
Poster credit to xherodbskx at http://www.artsyasiancrew.co.nr/

Title: Loving You
Author: missvue09
Length: 11 of ??
Pairings: Junchun (main), JunhoxYoochun (beginning), Yunaje
Genre: angst, drama, romance
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I do not own the boys.  This story is the work of missvue09 (aka miss_yoosu on winglin). Any resemblance to another fanfic is absolutely coincidental.
Summary: Junho chose Yoochun over his family when his father gave him an ultimatum. After two years of no contact with his family, he is finally returning home with his husband (Yoochun) to visit his mother in the hospital. Will they welcome Yoochun with open arms?

Chapter dedicated to my dear hubby [livejournal.com profile] tachikoma29, to [livejournal.com profile] sheilapiglet for her input and ideas on this chapter, and to [livejournal.com profile] junchun2 as a belated birthday gift.

Character Profile Prologue 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

You're the real target. )

A/N: Sorry for the late update everyone. I've been busy with my new job as a math instructor at a junior college. There's a month and a half left, so I hope I can return to updating on a regular basis and hopefully finish this fic by the end of the year. That's quite a goal actually. lol. Let's see if I can achieve it! I hope you all enjoyed this chapter.
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I wrote these non-Yoosu drabbles for my followers on tumblr. Now, normally, I wouldn't write non-Yoosu fics, but since my Yoosu muse has been nonexistent for a long time, I decided to write other pairings (Yunjae, Jaemin, Minsu) just for the fun of it. And they were pretty fun to write (they were mainly comedy, that's why). I did write one for Yoosu, but I've posted the longer version here. I'm not too happy with it though. :(.

Yunjae written for piratedeer (now known as mochastache)
Title: Snow White (has nothing to do with the fairy tale)
Length: 176 words
Genre: bandfic, comedy
Rating: PG-13
Warning: crossdressing

Yunjae )

Jaemin written for jevilll aka [livejournal.com profile] champagne2001
Title: The Proposal?
Length: 176 words
Genre: comedy, romance?
Rating: G
based on a true story
Original Posts: Part 1, Part 2

Jaemin )

Minsu written for junxia aka cosmicanomaly
Title: Meet the Parents
Length: 393 words
Genre: comedy
Rating: G
A/N: Inspired by my own similar experience.

Original post: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (missing), Part 5

Minsu )

A/N: Since Yoosu is my OTP, I'm not sure if I'll be writing more non-Yoosu fics in the future. Nonetheless, thank you for stopping by to read my first Yunjae, Jaemin, and Minsu.

Tumblr Drabble Set 2 (first Homin)
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Title: Signs
Author: [livejournal.com profile] missvue09
Pairing: Yoosu (75%), Yunjae (20%), Jaechun (5%) [just a rough estimate]
Length: 2507 words
Genre: a little angst for Jae, a little comedy from brothers!Yoomin, a little fluff from Yunjae
Rating: PG
Summary: Yoochun and Junsu are close friends. Yoochun and Jaejoong are a couple, but why does Jaejoong feel that Yoochun may have feelings for Junsu? Just pay attention to the signs. (Setting is in America.)

A/N: I think this story is a little dull with some inconsistencies, holes, not enough background info, a little rushed, and for that, I would like to apologize in advance. Oh, yeah. If you see the word 'hung', just know that it's supposed to be 'hyung'. My computer corrects it and sometimes I forget to go back and un-correct it.

Read more... )


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