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This morning I dreamt that I had enrolled in another math class in the fall semester with my favorite professor with a few classmates from previous classes. I sat in the center of the second or third row towards the front (I usually sit in the last row). While the professor was going over the course syllabus, my mind was screaming, "I can't be taking another math class! I've already completed all of my requirements! Why am I even taking this class?!" I started to panic inside b/c it has been a semester since I've taken math lecture notes and write math proofs that I wasn't confident if I could pass this particular course (I don't remember what the course description was). Luckily, I woke up and realized that it was just a dream. Big sigh of relief.
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I just remembered this. Last Thursday, I was getting kind of sleepy in my probability class and had trouble keeping my eyes open. When this happens, my notes gets all sloppy. At one point, I looked down at my notes to see where I had left off and to my amazement, I had unconsciously written,

Yunnie and Kim felt the subject.

Of course, this makes no sense at all, but I was still amazed that Yunho's nickname and one of the Kim members appeared in my notes.  XD
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My classmate showed me a math website that has comics pertaining to mathematics. It's called spikedmath.com

Some of the comics are inappropriate for younger people.

For examples... )


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